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New fitness business doubles in size just weeks after launching

New fitness and wellbeing business, Bodhi Pilates is taking on two new instructors and moving to larger space within The Exchange 1856 to double capacity, due to huge demand for its classes.

Located on the top floor of The Exchange 1856 in North Shields, Bodhi Pilates opened this October offering regular fitness and wellbeing sessions, as well as Reformer Pilates - one of the world’s hottest new fitness trends. Reformer Pilates takes all the benefits of Pilates and raises them to another level by incorporating a Reformer machine - a platform which uses spring resistance and a sliding bed to build strength and tone muscle. The activity boasts celebrity fans such as Margot Robbie, David Beckman, and Adele.

As well as Reformer Pilates classes, Bodhi Pilates runs traditional Pilates classes and personal training sessions. These have proved so popular that the company is now taking on new instructors and moving into a new studio at The Exchange 1856 in the New Year to double its capacity.

This will allow the company to offer classes seven-days-a-week and accommodate twice as many people.

It’s the first business venture for Bodhi founder, Emily, who is on a mission to build a community with fitness and wellbeing at its heart. Emily’s aim when starting Bodhi Pilates was to bring people together to have fun, make friends and nurture and strengthen the body. The company’s success shows how well she is achieving her original goal.

Emily said: “As a Pilates instructor in Whitley Bay, my classes went from zero to sold out within just five months and clients were constantly asking me for more. I realised it was time to take the next step and set up my business in a dedicated space, so opened at The Exchange 1856 in October.

“I can’t believe how well things are going – my classes are consistently full and there are already huge waiting lists. That’s why I made the decision to expand and I’m taking on two new instructors and moving into a bigger studio at The Exchange 1856 in the next two weeks. This means I can double the number of classes on offer, expand these to seven-days-a-week and accommodate twice as many people in the space.

“Working with The Exchange 1856 has been fantastic – the team here is incredibly supportive and have helped to grow and shape my business. Thanks to The Exchange 1856 I’ve been able to bring my Bodhi Pilates dream alive and it’s going from strength to strength.”

Managing Director at The Exchange 1856, Stuart Egan, said: “Giving back and making a positive difference to the people of North Tyneside is one of the core aims of The Exchange 1856. Health and wellbeing are both an important part of this, and we are delighted to see Bodhi Pilates growing and thriving here. Emily from Bodhi is full of exciting new ideas, such as Reformer Pilates and new mum and baby fitness classes, and these are bringing enormous enjoyment and health benefits to our local community.”

To find out more or to book a class, please visit Bodhi Pilates



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